It Takes Courage to Lead

Worthy leaders are authentic. They are:

  • Clear in who they are and what they believe.
  • Intimately in touch with the passions that drive them.
  • Confident in what they have to offer the world.

Leaders of great impact execute with competence. They:

  • Possess the knowledge and skills required to achieve excellence.
  • Use best practices in organizational effectiveness.
  • Shape the business of their business.

Courageous Leadership is a management consulting group focused on driving business results through personal coaching. We are redefining the way leaders make an impact in their companies, communities, and personal lives.

We believe leadership isn’t contained in an ivory tower. Everyone is a leader. 24x7x365. Great leadership is about living the complete life, each area in alignment, maximizing your strengths, and understanding your shadows.

We work with a variety of organizations to bring a deeper understanding and clarity of the business and personal issues facing senior leadership. Our applied approach focuses on developing the individual leader in the context of the larger organization.

Our Mission
Courageous Leadership provokes change that brings higher value to people and organizations through vital conversations of courage, clarity, and conviction.

Our Process

  • Down and In — To the core ideology and self understanding of the leader
  • Through — Learning competencies, core relationships, and social networks
  • Up and Out Together — Emerging as a leader in community with others