Since 1998, Courageous Leadership has set out to change the quality of leadership practiced by the senior leaders of some of America’s top companies. Ten years of partnering with more than 10,000 leaders has proven that the right solutions can and have empowered our partners to create world-class organizations, team practices, personal mastery, and a life worth living. As we reflect back on where we have been, we feel even more conviction about what can yet be achieved as we remain engaged with leaders like you.

Whether to help John Deere’s leaders expand its success in India, China, Brazil, or the former Soviet countries; or Johnson Controls Industrial Design identify and implement new business opportunities as they evolve within the automotive industry; or the United States Army improve relationships between Army personnel and civilian leaders in managing the joint munitions for the four branches of the Armed Services; or National Heritage Academies create a revolution in education for over 55 schools and 35,000 kids, Courageous Leadership collaborates to create real solutions, when and where it matters most.

We always begin with you as the center of our attention, our devotion, and our efforts. Experience has taught us that greatness is achieved when leaders like you choose to join with others. The best solutions aren’t merely a matter of intellect, emotional intelligence, or the right values, but rather an outcome of the way that individuals collectively practice each of these elements. The collaborative actions of talented people are our central focus at Courageous Leadership, because our belief is that the best things in life are achieved with others. Courageous Leadership — building worthy leaders and organizations of great impact!