CLI Case Studies — Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is a rapidly-growing fast food retail group located in the Southern United States.

Our Brief
We were asked to provide a three-year leadership development program for middle management. There was emphasis placed on creating both tools and practices that helped these leaders increase their communication and team leadership competencies. They were specifically asking us to tailor the effort to the individual leader.

Our Approach
We took each leader through a Personal Leadership Summit® and coaching process. We wanted to affect their clarity of personal competencies and constraints. Additionally, we took them through the 24×7 Leader® program which enabled them to begin to expand their impact with their direct reports. Finally, we launched an Immersion Coaching® initiative to assist in “real time” development.

Our Achievements
We were able to help the individual leaders become aware of their personal leadership gaps and then support the needed development. We helped in the clarification of professional intent. We also fulfilled the request to help move the leaders into the “right” seats on the organizational chart. This was more about alignment to passion and competencies than it was about company politics.