CLI Case Study — Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls
The leadership team within Johnson Controls was failing to identify and develop “high potentials” and create an effective succession pathway for these emerging leaders.

Our Brief
Our goal was to create a process for identifying and selecting high potential leaders from various work groups within the company. Additionally, we were to develop a Leadership Development Program that provided these leaders with competencies specific to the building of great leaders and specific to the needs of the company’s Business Operating System (BOS).

Our Approach
Courageous Leadership, Inc. worked with executive leaders to identify certain “non-negotiable” competencies that best supported the BOS. We also began to help the existing leadership to understand what builds greatness in leaders.

We interviewed several key positional leaders who were identified as chief “gatekeepers” of organizational power. Additionally, we gained the support of the critical leaders within each of the various work groups.

We also constructed a twelve-month long Leadership Development Program that worked to recruit, equip, and support those who would be participating in this leadership initiative. Our focus was on selecting leaders through work teams versus through executive supervisors. We believed these teams provided a better perspective of who was most suited for this program.

Our Achievements
Working collaboratively with each management level within the organization, we were able to build loyalty toward not only the Leadership Development Program, but also toward the process of identifying and selecting high potentials.

We also enabled the company to launch and conduct their first Leadership Development Program (LDP) and resource it to achieve the intended success.

The company has continued to use these tools and programs to build a pool of emerging leaders, as well as provide ongoing leadership development assistance for those identified in the succession planning process.