Personal Leadership Summit

The Personal Leadership Summit® (PLS) is an adventure of personal renewal. Each PLS helps an individual reconnect to the core places of his or her identity with intelligence and integrity. This enables the individual to live as a “whole” person who gets the job done, regardless of life stage, corporate position, or leadership challenge.

The PLS coaching process is designed for top-level leaders and looks at five critical life tasks: spiritual, self, love, social, and work. It is a highly structured deep dive into one’s being and delivers lasting change.

Each individual meets with a personal coach for one two-day session and then ongoing coaching for a minimum of 12 months, building on the key objectives and strategies determined in the initial session.

A coaching intimacy is established, one that produces trust and drives performance improvement. At the end of the process, each individual will have developed a portfolio of new tools to navigate and build a sustainable leadership future. The PLS ultimately enables individuals to lead courageously, to accelerate personal performance, and to live with purpose.