Praxis Personal Development Process

A Practical, Engaging Approach to Increasing Effectiveness

Since 1998, Courageous Leadership has worked to build the quality of leadership in some of America’s top companies. Courageous Leadership has learned a lot about empowering individuals, highly productive team processes, and the power of strategic alignments. Now the Praxis Personal Development Process makes what they’ve learned available to every member of your organization.Many development processes focus on skills for the work itself: setting goals, using technology, managing projects, dealing with difficult people, effective presentations. All of those skills are important. But it’s more important first to build a strong foundation:
  • The Praxis process seeks to help us understand and connect our sometimes disparate, compartmentalized parts. When we integrate the parts of ourselves, we gain the energy of wholeness and are empowered to make our best strategic impact.
  • The Praxis process also highlights the role of community in our satisfaction and success. Instead of relying only on ourselves, we can gain strength, perspective, and wisdom from the relationships we develop with others. Intellect, emotional intelligence, and shared values practiced alone don’t lead us to the best solutions; it’s when we combine those elements with collaborative actions with other talented people that we best succeed.

Who is Praxis for?

Leadership happens at all levels of every organization. Every leader is not an executive; in fact, not every leader is a supervisor or a manager.

If you help a team to think more clearly or more deeply, you are a leader. If you influence a group to get the right things done, you are a leader. If you inspire others, you are a leader.

That’s why we’ve developed the Praxis Personal Development Process. It makes what we’ve learned from extensive work in executive coaching accessible to people at all levels in an organization. It reflects our belief that every individual has the potential to create good through self-knowledge, deliberate skill development, community-building, and practice.

If your organization is dealing with fast-paced change, if you rely on collaboration and teamwork, Praxis can help. If you want to ensure that your high-potential employees build their personal foundations so they’re ready for leadership, Praxis is a resource you’ll need. If you’re part of a group that would like to grow together, Praxis can be the roadmap you follow.

The name “Praxis” means practice, or practical action–putting our theories to work in the real world to achieve transformation in our lives.

How does Praxis work?

The Praxis Personal Development Process is facilitated over the course of twelve months through a combination of materials and events.

  • All participants from an organization gather for an introductory event, to learn about the process and the strategic needs that impel them toward growth and change.
  • Each participant receives a workbook with weekly chapters that lead him or her through the key concepts: incorporating the whole self, defining the current state and goals, identifying assets and constraints, and then the eight practices that will help him or her to perpetually create good results.
  • Each participant forms a small team, two or three people who will provide feedback, support, and perspective. These teams meet every other week over the year, using discussion guides included in the workbook.
  • Every other week, participants receive an e-mail with thought-provoking information in text, video, or audio.
  • A second event after the first quarter brings participants back together to check on progress, answer questions, and encourage commitment through the balance of the program.

Courageous Leadership monitors participant progress over the course of the year, and can offer resources, workshops, or seminars in supplemental topics that are identified as useful to an organization.

Organizations set the strategic framework, and then equip individuals and small groups to develop their own skills. By following concepts with practical application and building networked person-to-person support for individuals’ work, this development process isn’t just theory, it’s Praxis.