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Yes, we understand that the majority of leadership development programs promise much more than they deliver. At Courageous Leadership, we believe that leaders are most effectively developed in the context of leading and managing the business.

Leadership is about accepting responsibility, having people follow the leader because of trust and respect, and achieving exceptional results.

At Courageous Leadership, we firmly believe that leaders with deep convictions, a clear, compelling vision, and courage to lead will build high-performing organizations.

My focus is a partnering with senior leadership regarding strategic direction, assisting the leadership team to perform at a higher level of effectiveness and efficiency, and consulting on using corporate culture as a distinct advantage.

At Courageous Leadership, we understand the importance of utmost confidentiality. Our focus is on helping firms grow and achieve their business objectives. In the process of growing a business, our deep conviction is that we can assist in the intentional development of exceptional leaders and exceptional leadership teams.


Hope College B.A., 1971; University of Michigan M.B.A., 1973

Professional Experience

Prince Corporation
Various positions including Quality Manager, Plant Manager, VP of Corporate Development, VP of Manufacturing, GVP of Operations (Manufacturing, Quality, Program Management, and Purchasing)

Johnson Controls, Inc.
Vice President and General Manager of Interiors
Vice President and Senior Executive of JCI Leadership Institute
The focus was on working with the top 100 global leaders and enhancing their individual and collective leadership effectiveness. The Leadership Institute is also the focal point for developing and training JCI business processes for leading the business.